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What does CRN mean?

CRN stands for Course Reference Number. It is used by our software to identify courses in the system. If you find a course here that you really want to take, be sure to write down the CRN. It will make registering online in pipeline@butler much easier.

What is a Webcentric course?

A webcentric course is a web class that has required meeting times.

What is the Link column used for?

The link column is used to connect one class to a corresponding class (this is usually a lecture/lab situation). If you are enrolling in a class which shows a code in the Link column, look for the corresponding class which will have the same code letters or numbers in the Link column, but in reverse. Example: a class with a link code of BW would have a corresponding class with a link code of WB.

What specifies a "Late Starting Class" on the Interactive Schedule?

If you click "Yes" to have the Interactive Schedule query only late-starting classes, this will bring in any class that begin later than the traditional start date of the semester. This feature has been enhanced to now allow searching for late-starting classes for any term, not just the current term.

How do I search for a single CRN?

To search for just one course by CRN, click in the field labeled: "Single CRN Search" and erase the word "ALL" and replace it with a CRN (course reference number) for the specified term you are querying. If you leave this field with the word "ALL" it will search for all CRNs in that particular term.

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